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Sunday, October 23, 2016 • 10:38 AM • 0 comments

So yeah its been a long time that i didnt post anything on this blog and i deleted all of my post before . kinda miss nak tulis benda yang tak penting dalam ni hahaha . seriously i forgot how to manage this blog , how to make my blog looks beautiful . i wanna share bout my journey after school ! lets get started .

I got an offer from Asia College Of Exercise And Sport Medicine and im interested to masuk college tu sebab dia punya course first in malaysia . course ni EXERCISE SCIENCE . dia tak sama macam sport science tau . course ni untuk bantu orang yang obes , nak senang cerita for penyakit yang tidak berjangkit la . and the most exciting part is ada aerobic and i love it ! walaupun bila orang tanya belajar kat mana and amik course apa and diorang tak kenal pun kolej ni its okay . kolej ni pun baru jugak dalam 3 tahun dah sebab first batch pun baru nak habis . oh yaa kolej ni kat setia alam so jauh la dengan terengganu . kalau cuti sem tu baru boleh balik :'(

haa tu jelah kot . i dont have any idea nak share apa . will be back very soon , insyaAllah .

xoxo <3

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